What Do You Think When You Hear the Word “Coach”?

To me, it’s someone who creates the path for you to walk and provides the tools necessary to do so.

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About Dean

Regardless of the goal at hand, having the right coach in your corner makes ALL the difference.

A coach is someone who puts a plan in place and revises as much as needed depending on what the individual’s specific needs are. They plan, motivate, encourage, and teach. A coach does not simply send over a plan and hope for the best, a coach stays involved with the process to overcome any obstacle that may come into play. There has to be feedback, accountability, understanding and a consistently changing plan to ensure that we stay moving forward to achieve the desired goal.

My Approach

The one “downside” to working as an online coach is that I do not get the chance to work with clients in person. Most would see this as a deal breaker, but I see this as an opportunity. I am able to be more involved with my clients’ day-to-day life to ensure that every move that they take is the correct one. I’m available to my clients 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day through text/email/phone call. This allows me to be more engaged in the process so that we don’t skip a beat! This more hands-on approach is why I see success with all of my clients.


I understand that I cannot micromanage what my clients are doing and in all honesty, I have no need to. I also understand that we are all human and cannot function like robots. There has to be a level of sustainability in this and that is a major component in long-term success. My focus and goal when creating a plan for a client is making their plan sustainable for them. That means no cookie-cutter programming: everything is specifically tailored to you and your lifestyle. Diet, training, and cardio is completely different for every single one of my clients because we all have different lifestyles and outside stressors that come into play. I ask a TON of questions during our weekly check-in so that if we need to change anything to fit their lifestyle we can handle any issues before they arise. This bio-feedback helps me ensure that the path we are on is always smooth sailing. Some weeks will be harder, depending on where we are at with our programming, but everything is tailored to ensure success for every one of my clients.

Beyond a Coach

Whatever the goal may be, there WILL be struggles. This is how we grow both as a human being and as someone trying to get in the best shape of our life. We have life stressors that happen and other life events that come in to play now and again. A huge role I play is being someone who helps you through that process and ensuring that our pathway is paved correctly for you to continue down it. I find ways to make this whole process easier while still growing in all aspects of life. I’m not a certified therapist or life coach but I do act as both when clients need it. My job goes beyond getting you in shape, my job is also to ensure that we are in the right mental space to do so. Being successful in this field requires me to be engaged with every client of mine, regarding both physique questions and life issues. Working through these issues is what makes my job just that much more gratifying due to being able to enhance other areas of everyone’s life.

Is Working with Dean Right for You?

If you’re ready to commit yourself to a lifelong change and are willing to work hard for it then we will be a good fit. Before taking on any client, I have an extensive questionnaire to ensure that I will be able to personally help you. If not, I know many other coaches that I can recommend you to.

My Story

I’m Dean Kozora and I have been involved in the fitness community for over 13 years. I have been a competitive bodybuilder for the past 6 years and was a competitive gymnast for the first 4 years of my involvement in the fitness world. As a fitness professional, nutritional expert and competitor, I have helped hundreds of clients all across the world transform their body into their dream physique. I have been lucky enough to follow my passion and make a career out of helping others change their lives. I started in school as a pre-pharm major, with an emphasis on physiology, before graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree. My main focus over the past 13 years has and always will be taking in as much knowledge as possible with regard to the human body. I do understand that there is ALWAYS more to learn, so between client work, I am always expanding my horizon of knowledge.

A little about myself

I Live in Nashville, Tennessee with my two dogs and fiancé. Bodybuilding takes a very active role in my life but that is secondary to making sure that my clients have everything they need in order to succeed. When I am not bodybuilding, prepping meals or working on client work I thoroughly enjoy heading out to the lake to do some fishing with my dogs Jax & Kai.

“My goal in life and as a coach is very simple: to help change as many lives as possible.”

-Dean Kozora-



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